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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Had a tooth extraction and bone graft with Dr. Kernizan. Best dental experience I've had. All went well. His staff put you at ease. It was painless and was over in a few minutes. I would highly recommend.

- Richard W

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Staff was exceptionally helpful! At every corner there was a new smile and a friendly face to help ease my dental anxiety. The doctors were very informative and answered all my questions with ease.

- Tina B

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I am terrified of the dentist. Even the mention of one. Ugh. DMD Max Kernizan, Thank you for your patience and understanding. You are one of a kind!

- Priscilla P

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr Max cared for a family members oral surgical needs. The care and compassion he had in a difficult situation truly warmed my heart. Thank you Dr Kernizian, you were amazing!!!

- Leenie B

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Im so happy I had them. I had such a bad infection from a broken tooth and they took such amazing care of me.

- Kelly S

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I find it difficult to accurately put into words how incredibly personable, helpful, genuine and knowledgeable this entire practice is. So often I have had experiences with medical professionals that make me feel like I don't know what I am talking about, and feel they are not listening to me or taking me seriously. One visit and because Dr. K and his assistant listened to me and gave me hope of feeling better, I walked out of that office the happiest I have felt in years!!! Thank you just does not express how grateful I am. I think Dr. K (sorry, about the abbreviations) is a leader in his field.

- Kimberly M

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

All of the staff were very friendly and kind.Makes you feel like you are the only patient that is there.

- Richard D

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Thank you for your attention and having consideration of our last review and my feelings, this time we experienced the same great service, Im greatly appreciated.

- Kethzie L

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Thank you for the excellent care I recently received for teeth extractions. The only pain involved was MY unnecessary anxiety and childhood imagination! (I grew up next to a dentist and could hear the drill wizzing away all the time - I can still hear it!). Wow, how things have changed.I had 7 teeth extracted, done in a hour, and NO PAIN!!!! Thank you....

- Paul M

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I first saw Dr Spink in June of 2016. He has always been kind, caring and compassionate, especially when he had to tell me I had oral cancer. He clearly explained the surgery he and a plastic surgeon would be performing at the end of July. I have never doubted his expertise or his caring in treating me. I came through the surgery, which was performed at Baystate Medical Center, with flying colors. He had to remove a good part of my tongue and replace it with a radial forearm free flap.He also had to perform a neck dissection to make sure the cancer hadn't spread. I trust his good judgement and skill. I have already recommended him to two other people I know who are having oral problems. I am forever grateful to him and to the great staff of people who work at FCMS. They have taken great care of me!!

- Jackie R

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Fraziero was very informative about the procedure. He explained what he was going to do before he did it. He was professional and caring. A couple members of the staff, Dr. Fraziero and I all chatted throughout the procedure. It was a very relaxing atmosphere. I will highly recommend him, and I will certainly be going back! Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience.

- Deborah W

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

As I've said, I have been miserable for weeks. Another dentist was not able to help me so referred me to Dr. Fraziero. I couldn't be happier with my experience and would recommend him to anyone who will listen!!!

- Holly W

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Doctors and Staff Are Wonderful

I [name omitted for privacy reasons] had one of the best and most comfortable times getting my teeth taken out. I would highly recommend people to come here when in pain from wisdom teeth. The doctors and staff are wonderful. 


Outstanding Surgeon

I have been a patient of FCMS since approximately October 2013, and was treated, and still am, by Dr. Michael Spink. He is an outstanding surgeon, and I put my total trust in his care and treatment that I continue to receive from him. The staff of FCMS are efficient, courteous and personable. Love FCMS.

Joyce W.


 In March of 2011, I had to return here from Florida when I suspected the sore on my lower lip was cancer. My friend, Kevin Trombley, an Oral Surgeon, recommended Dr. Michael Spink to take care of my problem. He spoke very highly of Dr. Spink, mentioning that while he worked 11 years at Belvue Hospital in NYC he had encountered every possible problem with the mouth. I flew back from Florida on a Tuesday night, called Dr. Spink on Wednesday and got an appointment Thursday morning. I was greeted by Dr. Spink and his nurses and was told I was their number one priority. Every visit from that point reinforced the truth of this statement. I never waited more than 5 minutes for an appointment and was always greeted with warmth and concern during the visit. Dr. Spink never rushed in my visit and was very patient in answering my questions. He was extremely thorough in explanations and also what to expect. My surgery lasted 10 1/2 hours and was a complete success. He told me I was cancer free. I was so happy that Dr. Trombley recommended him that I have already done the same for a friend. You can’t go wrong with Michael Spink as your doctor.

B. M.

More Doctors Like Him

Dr. Spink is an excellent doctor who took very good care of me during and after my surgery. He explained everything very clearly so that I was able to understand what was going to happen during surgery as well as what to expect at home. When I had an issue at home after my surgery, he returned my calls and answered all my questions and concerns. I am very happy with his work and how comfortable he made me feel before and after the surgery. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs their wisdom teeth removed. It would be nice to have more doctors like him!

Tiffany G.


I have never been to a more impressive dental or medical office. Dr. Fraziero and Dr. Spink are the two best oral surgeons in the area (including Boston)and they employ an awesome staff. They are not only the most thorough but also the most skilled Dr.’s I have ever been to. I had to have multiple procedures and was not given much hope for a solution until I consulted with them. They were able to help me when no one else could. Finding this type of skill and care is extremely rare and although I travel over an hour to see them I would never consider receiving treatment from anyone else. 

Great Experience

Great experience. I have been receiving Botox treatments from him for a little over a year. I love the results!

Forever Grateful

Dr. Fraziero reconstructed my daughter’s broken face after a serious car accident. He masterly restored her facial features to her pre-injury appearance. We will be forever grateful for the expert care he rendered our daughter. 

Great Results

Dr. Fraziero has worked on me 3 times and my wife once. All experiences were excellent with great results. Dr. Fraziero is the doctor other doctors want when their own family members are in need serious help. That says it all. 

Professional and Caring

This man and his staff are so professional and caring. I had to have a growth removed and I felt not even a twinge. I would and will recommend this office to anyone who asks.

Great Office!

I would highly recommend this office. I brought my son there for an issue with his jaw. We saw both the doctors who explained that he had a large cyst in his jaw and they would need to remove it. They were very thorough and explained to us what we should expect. Dr. Spink will be doing the surgery and I feel 100% confident in his ability. The front desk staff was compassionate and understanding. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs any type of oral surgery! Great office!


Dr. Michael Spink has been wonderful. I suffered TMJ trauma from an medical procedure. Dr. Spink provided detailed and thorough information on my condition and my options. He performed arthroscopy at BMC and, as best possible, corrected the issue. My phone calls have always been responded to promptly and politely. His staff is very kind. I would sincerely recommend him. 

Healing Very Well

I had an extraction by Dr. Spink this past week and I had no problems at all. Dr. Spink explained the procedure very well. This is one of several visits to this office over the last 5 years, this was my first time with this doctor and am very pleased. I am healing very well!!